The group has regular meetings (roughly weekly). The AI seminar has been running for over 20 years. We are happy to discuss a wide range of topics including many not typically associated with AI. Please contact Chris Huyck if you'd like to give a presentation or be added to the email list. All are welcome to attend.

Artificial Intelligence (ToCAI) seminar

This is the page for seminar the Artificial Intelligence group. We have space reserved every week on Friday afternoon. Please check here before coming (or just call Roman 6263 or Chris 5412). The seminars are on Fridays, 12:00--14:00 in WG48 in the Williams Building.

Current Schedule

Autumn 2019

DatePerson ResponsibleSpeaker EventPlaceOther
Oct 4Chris Huyck Speaker: Full Group Organisational Meeting WG48
Oct 11Roman Belavkin Speaker: Roman Belavkin How we discovered Deep Neural Networks at Middlesex University in 2007 WG48 abstract
Oct 25Chris Huyck Speaker: Alberto Vergnani Comparison of Validity Indexes for Fuzzy Clusters of fMRI Data WG48 1 PM abstract, paper, and slides
Nov 8Chris Huyck Speaker: Chris Huyck Hot Coffee: Associative Memory with Bump Attractor Cell Assemblies of Spiking Neurons WG48: 12 PM abstract
Nov 15 Speaker: Xiaohong Gao Towards Real-Time Detection of Squamous Pre-Cancers from Oesophageal Endoscopic Videos WG48: 1 PM abstract
Nov 22CH Speaker: Juan Augusto BCS Machine Intelligence Competition - 2019 edition WG48: 12 PM abstract and presentation slides.
Nov 29Raja Nagarajan Speaker: Mohammad Mousavi Conformance Testing as a Tool for Designing Connected Vehicle Functions 3pm start room C136 abstract
Dec 13RN Speaker: John Flackett AiLab: AI in Business 2 p.m., C126 abstract
Jan 24 (2020) CH Speaker: Glenford Mapp From 5G to 6H - The case for building an Intelligent Edge Environment WG48: 1 pm abstract
Jan 31 CH Speaker: Hector Benito Adversarial Machine Learning and its application to Malware WG48: 12 noon abstract
Feb 7 CH Speaker: Can Baskent A History Based Logic for Dynamic Preference Updates WG48: 1 pm abstract
Feb 14 CH Speaker: David Gamez Prediction and Intelligence WG48: 12 pm abstract
Feb 21 CH Speaker: Petrut Bogdan (U. Manchester) Self-organising neural networks for computer vision WG48: 12 pm abstract
Mar 6 CH Speaker: Chris and Kai Xu Paper Discussion: Bert: Pre-training of deep bidirectional transformers for language understanding WG48: 12 pm paper pdf
Mar 13 CH Speaker: Alberto Vergani Critical Limits in a Bump Attractor Network of Spiking Neurons WG48: 1 pm abstract slides
Mar 20 Speaker: WG48
Apr 3 Speaker: Kai Xu cancelled due to pandemic WG48
Apr 17 Speaker: WG48
Apr 24 Speaker: WG48

Old schedules 2014 to 2019

Old schedules 2006 to 2014