Seminars 2014-2019

The group has regular meetings (monthly or more frequently). The ToCAI seminar is a joint meeting with the Foundations of Computing group, and it is a continuation of the AI group seminar that has been meeting for 20 years.

Theory of Computing and Artificial Intelligence (ToCAI) seminar

This is the page for joint seminar of the Foundations of Computing and the Artificial Intelligence groups (the ToCAI seminar). We have space reserved every week on Friday afternoon. Please check here before coming (or just call Roman 6263 or Chris 5412). The seminars are on Fridays, 14:00--16:00 in W153 in the Williams Building.

We've recorded many of the seminars and they can be found on

Current Schedule

Autumn 2018

DatePerson ResponsibleSpeaker EventPlaceOther
Oct 5Chris Huyck Speaker: Full Group Organisational Meeting W153
Oct 12Chris Huyck Speaker: Chris Huyck A Proto Neuro Cognitive Architecture W153 abstract
Oct 19Roman Belavkin Speaker: Roman Belavkin Value of Information and Geometry of Optimal Decision-making and Learning W153 abstract
Oct 26Raja Nagarajan Speaker: Alceste Scalas and Nobuko Yoshida Effpi: concurrent programming with dependent behavioural types Committee Room 2 abstract
Nov 2 Chris Huyck Speaker: Carl James-Reynolds Mindfulness Mirror W153 abstract
Nov 9Raja Nagarajan Speaker: Richard Bornat and Raja Nagarajan Analysis of Quantum Systems using Programming Languages/Tools W153 abstract
Nov 16 Michele Bottone Speaker: Michele Bottone cancelled W153
Nov 23 Raja Nagarajan Speaker: David Richerby The Moran Process CG10 abstract
Nov 30Barry Nichols Speaker: Barry Nichols Chinese Word Segmentation Applied to Written Cantonese CG10 abstract
Dec 7Chris Huyck Yuehu (Tiger) Ji Title: A Brain-inspired Cognitive System that duplicates cognitive interference within human-like timescales CG10 abstract
Dec 14 Christmas Discussion CG10
Jan 18 (2019)Chris Huyck Florian Kammueller Attack Trees in Isabelle WG50 abstract
Feb 1Chris Huyck Tuan Le Complex Valued Deep Neural Networks WG50 abstract
Feb 8Chris Huyck Tom Dickins and Chris Huyck Paper Discussion: Neuroconstructivism WG50 Neuroconstructivism
Feb 15Chris Huyck Daming Shi From Neural Networks to Deep Learning WG50 abstract
Feb 22Chris Huyck Alberto Vergani Discussion of brain connectivity in fMRI and its relation with cell assembly hypothesis WG50 abstract
Mar 8Chris Huyck Sam Hepenstal Algorithmic Transparency of Conversational Agents W153 abstract
Mar 22Chris Huyck Juan Augusto Practical Handling of User Preferences within Intelligent Environments WG50 abstract
Mar 29Chris Huyck Andrei Popescu Bindings as Bounded Natural Functors WG50 abstract
Apr 19 Easter Bank Holiday
May 10Chris Huyck Speaker: Irene Kotsia Computer vision for human behaviour understanding BG09B abstract
May 17 Speaker: BG09B
May 17 Speaker: BG09B
Aug 30 Speaker: BG09B

Past events

DatePerson ResponsibleEventPlaceOther
June 22Chris Huyck Speaker: Peter Hastings (DePaul University)
Title: Identifying causal structure in scientific explanatory essays
PBG02 abstract
Aug 3Chris Huyck Speaker: Xiaochen Wang (Middlesex University)
Title: Talk for BICA 2018
PBG02 abstract

Winter / Spring 2018

DatePerson ResponsibleEventPlaceOther
Feb 23Roman Belavkin Speaker: David Peebles (University of Huddersfield)
Title: Multiple representations and visual mental imagery in artificial cognitive systems
PBG02 abstract
Mar 16Roman Belavkin Speaker: Romain Chassagne (Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University)
Title: How to Characterise the Embedded Uncertainty within processed data? A real-world example
PBG02 abstract
Mar 23Chris Huyck Speaker: Fouad Allouani (University of Khenchela, Algeria)
Title: A novel modified flower pollination algorithm for global optimization
PBG02 abstract
May 11Kelly Androutsopoulos Speaker: Hector Menendez (University College London)
Title: Diversifying Software Testing
PBG02 abstract

Autumn 2017

DatePerson ResponsibleEventPlaceOther
Sept 15Roman Belavkin Speaker: Barry Nichols
Title: A Comparison of Eligibility Trace and Momentum on SARSA in Continuous State-and Action-Space Reinforcement Learning
WG49 abstract
Sept 29Roman Belavkin Speaker: Kai Xu
Title: Hybrid Intelligence - Making Sense of (Big) Data
PBG02 abstract
Oct 13Roman Belavkin Speakers: Ahmed Eissa
Title: Crime Pattern Recognition based on High-Performance Computing
Karthika Sivapathasundaram
Title: Apply K-Means Clustering Algorithm for Crime Data Analysis
Ahmed Hassan
Title: Using Smart Crime Reporting Apps to Prevent Crimes?
COMMROOM 2 abstract
Oct 20Roman Belavkin Speaker: Eris Chinellato
Title: Modelling visuomotor processing in human interactions for improving robot social skills
COMMROOM 2 abstract
Nov 3Roman Belavkin Speaker: Miltos Petridis
Title: From Blackboards and Similarity to Reasoning with Structure, Time and Space: A Journey of discovery in AI, developing Knowledge Engineering applications to tackle real world problems.
PBG02 abstract
Nov 17Roman Belavkin Speaker: Giovanni Quattrone
Title: Data-Driven Policymaking
PBG02 abstract
Nov 24Roman Belavkin Speaker: Louis Slabbert
Title: Introduction to Distributed computing using Beowulf Clusters in a Windows Environment
PBG02 abstract
Dec 1Roman Belavkin Speaker: David Neilson
Title: t.b.a.
PBG02 abstract
Dec 8Roman Belavkin Speaker: Carl James-Reynolds
Title: t.b.a.
PBG02 abstract
Dec 15Roman Belavkin Speaker: Jaap Boender
Title: t.b.a.
PBG02 abstract

Spring/Summer 2017

DatePerson ResponsibleEventPlaceOther
13 JanRoman Belavkin Speaker: Irina Basieva
Title: Three-slit experiment and 3-satisfiability problem
V102 abstract
27 JanPanos Giannopoulos Speaker: Edouard Bonnet (Middlesex University)
Title: Fine-grained complexity of coloring geometric intersection graphs
V102 abstract
3 FebDavid Windridge Speaker: David Windridge
Title: Machine Learning Tutorial I
V102 abstract
10 Feb V102
17 FebChris Huyck Speaker: Nishant Singh
Title: Neuron Based Control Mechanisms for a Robotic Arm and Hand
V102 abstract
3 MarRoman Belavkin Speaker: Dirk Sudholt
Title: On the Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms - How Crossover Speeds Up Building-Block Assembly in Genetic Algorithms
V102 abstract
19 MayRoman Belavkin Speaker: Xiaohong Gao
Title: Deep learning based approach for medical image classifications
V102 abstract
2 JuneRaja Nagarajan Speaker: Varun Kanade
Title: Hierarchical clustering: Objective functions and new algorithms
V102 abstract

Autumn 2016

DatePerson ResponsibleEventPlaceOther
16 SeptRoman Belavkin Speaker: Roman Belavkin
Title: Combinatorics of Mutation and Recombination of Strings in Hamming Space
V102 abstract
21 OctFlorian Kammueller Speaker: Marielle Stoelinga (University of Twente)
Title: Attack analysis via stochastic model checking
V102 abstract
28 OctChris Huyck Speaker: Nishant Singh (Middlesex University)
Title: Neuron based control mechanism for robot arm movement inspired from neuroscience
V102 abstract
4 NovRoman Belavkin Speaker: Chris Huyck (Middlesex University)
Title: A Neural Half Cognitive Model of Categorisation
V102 abstract
11 NovRoman Belavkin Speaker: Roman Belavkin
Title: Quantum Probability Tutorial I
V102 abstract
25 NovRoman Belavkin Speaker: Roman Belavkin
Title: Quantum Probability Tutorial II
V102 abstract
2 DecChris Huyck Title: Data mining at Middlesex V102 abstract

Spring/Summer 2016

DatePerson ResponsibleEventPlaceOther
Mar 4 (2-4 pm)David Gamez David Gamez: The Science of Consciousness and Scientific Theories about the Brain VG01 abstract
Mar 11 (2-4 pm)Barnaby Martin Marcello Mamino (TU Dresden): Max-Closed Semilinear Constraint Satisfaction VG01 abstract
Apr 15 (2-4 pm)David Windridge Paolo Bosetti: Project Michelangelo: trying to move towards the future of machining VG01 abstract
Apr 22 (2-4 pm)Nikos Gkorogiannis Radu Grigore (University of Kent) VG01 abstract
May 6 (2-4 pm)Chris Huyck Ed Awh (University of Chicago): Rhythmic brain activity tracks the content and timing of online spatial representations Committee Room 2 abstract
May 13 (2-4 pm)Raja Nagarajan Golnaz Badkobeh (Warwik) VG01 abstract
May 20 (2-4 pm)Roman Belavkin Mikhail Malyutov (Northeastern): SCOT modelling, parallel training and statistical inference VG01 abstract
June 24(2-4 pm)Daming Shi Turki Aljrees: Criminal Pattern Identification Based on Modified K-Means Clustering VG01 abstract
July 1(2-4 pm) VG01

Autumn 2015

DatePerson ResponsibleEventPlaceOther
Sept 25Chris Huyck Speaker: Chris Huyck
Title: Natural Language Processing with Neurons
VG01 abstract
Oct 2 (2-4 pm)Barry Nichols Continuous Action-Space Reinforcement Learning Methods Applied to the Minimum-Time Swing-up of the Acrobot VG01 abstract
Oct 9 (2-4 pm) Jaap Boender Interactive Theorem Proving with Coq VG01 abstract
Oct 23 (2-4 pm)Barnaby Martin Mahsa Shirmohammadi (Oxford), Problems on distributions generated by Markov Decision processes VG01 abstract
Oct 30 (2-4 pm)Panos Giannopoulos Speaker: He Sun (U. Bristol)
Heat kernels in graphs: A journey from random walks to geometry, and back
VG01 abstract
Nov 6 (2-4 pm)Raja Nagarajan Alessandra Di Pierro A Calculus for Topological Quantum Computation
VG01 abstract
Nov 13 (2-4 pm)Chris Huyck Sergio Davies (Manchester): SpiNNaker: A low-power approach to supercomputing for neural network simulation VG01 abstract
Nov 20 (2-4 pm)closed Raja Nagarajan Programming Languages Workshop
Dec 4 (2-4 pm)Roman Belavkin Kiril Bogdanov: State machine inference in support of testing VG01 abstract
Feb 5 (2-4 pm)Giuseppe Primiero Tomas Petricek (Cambridge)Context-aware programming languages VG01 abstract
Feb 26 (2-4 pm)Giuseppe Primiero Patrick Allo (Oxford Internet Institute): Modelling online collaborative mathematics (Polymath, again and differently) VG01 abstract

Winter/Spring 2015

DatePerson ResponsibleEventPlaceOther
Jan 16Panos Giannopoulos Speaker: Magnus Wahlstrom (Royal Holloway)
Title: LP-relaxations for FPT algorithms
Barn 1 abstract
Jan 23 Barn 1
Jan 30Chris Huyck Speaker: Andre Gruning (University of Surrey)
Title: Learning to Map Spike Train Patterns in Multilayer Spiking Neural Networks
Barn 1 abstract
Feb 6Barnaby Martin Speaker: Vasileios Plessas
Title: An empirical investigation on using a 3D visualisation of ECDIS data for mitigating maritime accidents within restricted waters
Barn 1 abstract
Feb 13Chris Huyck Organisational Meeting Barn 1
Feb 20Panos Giannopoulos On the complexity of connecting and separating points in the plane Barn 1 abstract
Feb 27Nikos Gkorogiannis Reasoning about the program heap Barn 1 abstract
Mar 6Barnaby Martin Paper discussion on A fully automatic problem solver with human-style output by M. Ganesalingam and W. Gowers Barn 1
Mar 13Serquei Novak Nicholas Bingham: Modelling and prediction of financial time series Barn 1 abstract
Mar 27Daming Shi Speaker: Turki Aljrees
Title: Document analysis using latent semantic indexing
Barn 1 abstract
Apr 17Carl James-Reynolds Eugene: a physical interface and hardware based an interactive Genetic Algorithm Barn 1 abstract
Apr 24Jaap Boender Speaker: Dominic Mulligan Barn 1 abstract
May 8Michelle Bottone Reading: Marketplaces in the Brain Barn 1 The Neural Marketplace by Lewis and Harris.
May 15Daming Shi Introduction to Robust Principal Component Analysis Barn 1 abstract
May 22Barnaby Martin Joanna Ochremiak (Warsaw)
Locally Finite Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Barn 1 abstract
May 29Roman Belavkin Speaker: Polina Khrennikova (University of Leicester)
Title: An Application of the Theory of Open Quantum Systems to Model the Dynamics of decision making of the voters in the US Political System
Barn 1 abstract
June 5David Windridge The Neutral Point Method for Kernel-Based Combination of Disjoint Training Data in Multi-Modal Pattern Recognition Barn 1 abstract
June 12Florian Kammueller Interactive Theorem Proving for Quantum Cryptography, Security, and Active Objects Barn 1 abstract
June 19Giuseppe Primiero Software Theory Change for resilient near-complete specifications Barn 1 abstract
July 3Richard Bornat A weak-memory program logic (at last, maybe) Barn 1 abstract
July 10 Barn 1
July 17 Barn 1
July 24 VG01
July 31Jaap Boender A Demonstration of Coq VG01

Summer/Autumn 2014

DatePerson ResponsibleEventPlaceOther
July 4Roman Belavkin Speaker: Wei Yang (University of Strathclyde)
Title: Introduction to Mean field games
V103 abstract
Sept 12Roman Belavkin Speaker: Jun He (Aberystwyth University)
Title: Applications of Markov Chain Methodology in Evolutionary Computation
VG07 abstract
Sept 19Roman Belavkin Speaker: Dan Ghica (The University of Birmingham)
Title: From Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Consciousness?
VG01 abstract
Oct 3Kelly Androutsopoulos Speaker: Dalal Alrajeh (Imperial College)
Title: Automated Error-Detection and Repair for Compositional Software Specifications
V102 abstract
Oct 10Barnaby Martin Speaker: Andras Pongracz
Title: Reducts of omega-categorical structures
Barn 1 abstract
Oct 17Chris Huyck Speaker: Ritwik Kulkarni
Title: Exploring Language Mechanisms: The Mass-Count Distinction and The Potts Neural Network
Barn 1 abstract
Oct 24Barnaby Martin Speaker: Jannis Bulian (The University of Cambridge)
Title: The graph isomorphism problem
Barn 1 abstract
Video: part 1
Oct 31Roman Belavkin Speaker: Per Kristian Lehre (The University of Nottingham)
Title: Rigorous Analysis of Population-dynamics in Evolutionary Algorithms
Barn 1 abstract
Video: part 1 part 2 part 3
Nov 7Rajagopal Nagarajan Speaker: Thomas Erlebach (The University of Leicester)
Title: Computing with Uncertainty
Barn 1 abstract
Nov 14Roman Belavkin Speaker 1: Thomas Jansen (Aberystwyth University)
Title: Analysing Mutation in Randomised Search Heuristics
Speaker 2: Stephan Weis (Independent Researcher, formerly Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics)
Title: Classical and quantum many-body correlations
Barn 1 abstract 1
Video: part 1 part 2
abstract 2
Video: part 1 part 2
Nov 21Raja Nagarajan Speaker: Donal Simmie (Imperial College)
Title: Contemporary Applications of Social Media Research
Barn 1 abstract
Video: part 1 part 2
Nov 28Roman Belavkin Speaker: Christine Zarges (The University of Birmingham)
Title: Analysis of Randomised Search Heuristics for Dynamic Optimisation
Barn 1 abstract
Dec 5Giuseppe Primiero Speaker: Sanjay Modgil (King's College London)
Title: Closing the Gap Between Logic and Dialectic
Barn 1 abstract
Video: part 1 part 2
Dec 12Daming Shi Speaker: Feng Tian (Bournemouth University)
Title: Computer Assisted Cel Animation
Barn 1 abstract

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