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Research in Digital Libraries (RIDL)

Interaction Modelling for the design of Digital Libraries

This project moved to UCL with Ann Blandford in January 2002. Up-to-date information can be found at the UCL project web site.

Project Background

he focus of this project is on extending and testing an Interaction Framework (IF) that defines requirements on the interaction between users and computers in an interactive system. IF provides a way of describing and reasoning about processes within a multi-agent interaction. It explicitly aims to take a high-level view, and to draw on more focused approaches (that will yield predictions about, for example, network performance or user perception) as needed. In this way, it is designed to integrate user, device and domain considerations.

The aims of the work are to achieve a better understanding of the design of digital libraries from a usability perspective, to develop IF from the existing prototype method, and to apply IF in the design of the interface to a digital library so that its utility can be assessed.


The following people work on the project:
  • Ann Blandford (originally at Middlesex)
  • Hanna Stelmaszewska
  • Harold Thimbleby (originally at Middlesex)

The following people are external collaborators on the project:


Shooting the Information Rapids

Introductory paper presented at C@Mdx2000 conference (Middlesex University)

Interaction Modelling for Digital Libraries presented at EIMS2000

Use of Multiple Digital Libraries: A case study

Interactional Traps: A case study on digital libraries

Interactional Traps and Detours: Losing the Common Ground

Working papers:

A survey of user studies for digital libraries (working paper)

Understanding Interaction in Digital Libraries: a case study on applying Interaction Framework (working paper)

Understanding Interaction in the NZDL (working paper)

This project is funded by EPSRC (GR/M81748).

Last updated 24th November 2002