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Aspects of Law and Ethics Related to Technology

New 2012 co-edited book by ALERT members!! 
eHealth: Legal, Ethical and Governance Challenges

[Springer 2012] 
ISBN: 978-3-642-22473-7

Carlisle George, Middlesex University, London, UK
Diane Whitehouse, The Castlegate Consultancy, Malton, UK
Penny Duquenoy, Middlesex University, London, UK
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This publication identifies and discusses important challenges affecting eHealth in the EU and North America in the three areas of law, ethics and governance. It makes meaningful contributions t`o the eHealth discourse by suggesting solutions and making recommendations for good practice and potential ways forward. Legal challenges discussed include issues related to electronic medical records, telemedicine, the Internet and pharmaceutical drugs, healthcare information systems and medical liability. Ethical challenges focus on telehealth and service delivery in the home, Web 2.0 and the Internet, patient perceptions and ethical frameworks. Governance challenges focus on IT governance in healthcare, governance and decision-making in acute care hospitals, and different models of eHealth governance. The publication provides useful support materials and readings for persons active in developing current understandings of the legal, ethical and governance challenges involved in the eHealth context.


Yves Poullet, Professor of Law, Faculty of Law at the University of Namur, Belgium



Chapter 1: Assessing Legal, Ethical and Governance Challenges in eHealth


Chapter 2: Legal Regulation of Electronic Health Records: a Comparative Analysis of Europe
and the US
Jos Dumortier, Professor of ICT Law, ICRI, University of Leuven, Belgium
Griet Verhenneman, Researcher in Law, ICRI, University of Leuven, Belgium

Chapter 3: Electronic Health Records and Privacy Interests
Elizabeth Wicks, Reader in Human Rights Law, School of Law, University of Leicester, UK

Chapter 4: Data Protection and Health Care Information Systems: Where is the Balance?
Concetta Tania Di Iorio, Legal Consultant, Serectrix, Italy
Fabrizio Carinci, Senior Biostatistician, Serectrix, Italy

Chapter 5: Legal Challenges Regarding Telemedicine Services
Catalina Dima, Lawyer Administrator, European Parliament, Belgium

Chapter 6: The Internet and Pharmaceutical Drugs in the Era of Interoperable eHealth Systems across the European Union
Carlisle George, Principal Lecturer and Barrister, Middlesex University, London, UK

Chapter 7: Understanding Liability in eHealth: Towards Greater Clarity at European Union Level
Petra Wilson, Senior Director, Connected Health, Cisco, Belgium
Isabelle Andoulsi, Researcher and doctoral candidate, The Free University of Brussels, Belgium


Chapter 8: eHealth: Frameworks for Assessing Ethical Impacts
Kush Wadhwa, Managing Director, GSI, UK
David Wright, Founder and Managing Partner, Trilateral Research & Consultancy, UK

Chapter 9: Telehealth and Service Delivery in the Home: Care, Support and the Importance of User
Malcolm Fisk, Senior Research Fellow, Health Design & Technology Institute, Coventry University, UK
Drago Rudel, Researcher, MKS, Slovenia

Chapter 10: Medicine 2.0: Ethical Challenges of Social Media for the Health Profession
Peter Winkelstein, Clinical Professor, University at Buffalo, USA

Chapter 11: The Internet and health: International approaches to evaluating the quality of Web-based health information
Celia Boyer, Executive Director, HON, Switzerland

Chapter 12: Patients, trust and ethics in information privacy in eHealth
Penny Duquenoy, Principal Lecturer, Middlesex University, UK
Nermeen M. Mekawie, PhD Student, Middlesex University, UK
Mark Springett, Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University, UK


Chapter 13: eHealth Governance in Scotland: A Cross-Sectoral and Cross-National Comparison
Elena Beratarbide, eHealth Researcher and IT Manager, Victoria Hospital - Kirkcaldy, UK
Tom Kelsey, Lecturer, University of St Andrews, UK

Chapter 14: IT Governance in Healthcare Institutions
Magdalene Rosenmöller, Associate Professor, IESE Business School, Spain

Chapter 15: IT Governance in Acute Healthcare – A Critical Review of the Current Literature
Mal Thatcher, CIO, Mater Health Services, Australia

Chapter 16: The European eHealth Governance – A New Way Forward
Flora Giorgio, Policy Officer, ICT for Health Unit, European Commission, Belgium

[June 2012]