Symbol is a sub-class of String. Whereas there may be two different strings with the same sequence of characters, there can only be one symbol with the same sequence of characters. This is useful when using names as the basis for lookup (in tables). For example XMF ensures that classes, packages, operations, slots are named using symbols so that the lookup of these features by name is as efficient as possible. If strings were used the lookup would necessarily involve a character by character comparison. Using symbols the lookup can use the symbols identity as the comparison operator. You can reference a symbol by constructing an instance: Symbol(name).

asSymbol():Symbol Returns self.
greater(other:Element):Element Returns true if self is alphanumerically greater than other.
init(args:Element):ElementNo Documentation Specified
less(other:Element):Element Returns true if self is alphanumerically less than other.
lift():PerformableNo Documentation Specified
toString():String Converts a symbol to a string.