The data type for real values. The default value is 0.0

abs():Float Returns the absolute value of a float.
add(other:Element):Element Adds a float to other.
asFloat():FloatNo Documentation Specified
ceiling():Integer Returns the smallest (closest to negative infinity) integer value that is not less than the argument.
cos():Element Returns the cosine of a float.
div(other:Element):Element Divides a rounded float by the result of rounding other.
floor():Integer Returns the largest (closest to positive infinity) integer value that is not greater than the argument.
greater(other:Element):Element Returns true if a float is greater than other.
init(args:Element):ElementNo Documentation Specified
less(other:Element):Element Returns true if a float is less than other.
lift():PerformableNo Documentation Specified
max(other:Integer):Integer Compares a float with other and returns the maximum value.
min(other:Integer):Integer Compares a float with other and returns the minimum value.
mod(other:Element):Element Returns a float modulo other after rounding down to integers.
mul(other:Element):Element Multiply a float by other.
pow(other:Element):Float The float to the power of another float.
random():Element Returns a random float between 0.0 and 1.0
round():Element Returns the result of rounding a float down.
sin():Element Returns the sin() of a float.
slash(other:Element):Element Divided a float by other.
sqrt():Element Returns the square root of a float.
sub(other:Element):Element Subtracts a number from a float.
toString():String Converts and integer to a string.