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Parents Element



add(element:Element):Element Add the element at the next available index.
append(elements:Element):Element Appen-d a sequence of elements. The argument should be a sequence, buffer, vector or string. The elements in the argument are added to the receiver in order.
asSeq():Seq(Element) Converts a buffer into a sequence.
asString():Boolean Returns true when the buffer is treated as a string.
at(index:Integer):ElementNo Documentation Specified
contains(element:Element):BooleanNo Documentation Specified
daemons():Seq(Daemon) Returns the daemons that are monitoring the buffer.
daemonsActive():Seq(Daemon) Returns whether or not daemons dire then the buffer is updated.
hasSuffix(s:Seq(Element)):BooleanNo Documentation Specified
increment():Integer The amount of storage that the buffer grows by each time it is expanded.
init(args:Seq(Element)):ElementNo Documentation Specified
put(index:Element,value:Element):Element Put the element value into a buffer at position index.
ref(index:Element):Element Returns the value at position index in a buffer.
setSize(size:Integer):Element Sets the size of the buffer providing that size is smaller than the current contents.
size():Integer The number of elements currently in the buffer.
storage():Seq(Vector) Returns the sequence of vectors used as the underlying storage for the buffer.
stringEqual(string:String):Boolean Returns true when the supplied string contains the same chars as the buffer.
subString(firstChar:String,pastLastChar:String):String Uses indices to chop up a string. The first index is the starting character and the second index is 1+ the final character.
toString():StringNo Documentation Specified
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