Richard Bornat (Middlesex page)

email: R DOT Bornat AT mdx DOT ac DOT uk (come, friendly AI bots and spam me).

I've retired (almost: still one day a week at Middlesex) but am still full-time active in research.

I've retired!

I'm still employed at Middlesex one day a week. I'm also Professor Emeritus (the Latin means "time served", nothing more!), so I've kept my email address and this web page.


All the ones I've remembered to upload are here.


And slides are here and here.

Jape developments

Jape isn't dead. I've written a book (Formal Proof and Disproof, OUP, 2005) which is now FREE ONLINE here and there's a natural deduction manual here.

Bernard Sufrin continues to ensure that Jape is online. Domain sitters stole (blast them, and if you can find a way to warm their bottoms, be my guest). But we kept backups, and it is now available here. Thanks Bernard. Bug reports to me, please, at any of my various email addresses (see above).

Jape is GPL licensed and the entire source is at GitHub.

Feedback and bug reports to me, please, at the address at the top of this page.


A video of a rather overweight me dancing the proof of circular list reversal on Aldeburgh beach. Cameraman and knee: Cristiano Calcagno. Directors: Peter O'Hearn and Josh Berdine.

Ancient lectures, teaching notes and books

My inaugural lecture "The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs" (acknowledgements to the Be Good Tanyas for the title) is sometimes asked for. It fell off the Mdx website a while ago: here it is.

I get requests, every now and then, for lecture notes and the like. Notes on logic were turned into a book; notes on compiling into an earlier book; notes on algorithms are here.

Understanding and Writing Compilers

In the late 1970s I wrote a book on compiling which was a success. People still ask me for copies. Now that even Abebooks has run out, and since I recovered the copyright, I've converted it as lightly as I can to Latex and put a pdf online. Here it is -- with hyperlinks so it's easy to read online.


I also have a private home page. With a nicer picture. And stuff that isn't here.


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