Kelly Androutsopoulos

Senior Lecturer

Before joining Middlesex, I was a post-doc in CREST (Centre for Research on Evolution Search and Testing),
first at King's College London (2008-2010) and then University College London (2010-2013), working
with Dr. David Clark and Prof. Mark Harman. I have also been a post-doc in the Department of
Computer Science at City University (2006-2008) working with Prof. George Spanoudakis and a lecturer at
King's College London (2004-2005).

I hold a MEng degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering) from Imperial College London,
and a PhD in Computer Science from King's College.

My research interests are centered around specification and verification of software, in modelling,
analysing and understanding specifications, proving that they satisfy properties of interest and
creating tools for supporting their development. I have considered challenges introduced by different
application domains, such as safety critical systems, security critical systems, mobile peer-to-peer
and ambient intelligent systems.

Currently, I am interested in the development of static analysis algorithms, specifically slicing,
for Extended Finite State Machines in order to enhance comprehension and for model debugging. I
maintain a bib file of papers on slicing state-based models. This includes papers mentioned
in the ACM Computing Surveys paper: "State-based Model Slicing: A Survey", published in 2013.

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Middlesex University
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