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eHealth Workshop - 25th-26th April 2013
Middlesex University, London


eHealth - legal, ethical and governance challenges

You are invited to participate in the 2013 eHealth workshop on Thursday and Friday, 25th-26th April 2013 at Middlesex University, (Town Hall, Committee Room 1), Hendon campus, London, United Kingdom (see travel information below). The workshop is free for participants, but they are expected to fund their accommodation and the workshop dinner.


The workshop will explore the challenges for eHealth in the next years in the context of the EU eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020 and taking into account : increased patient involvement in healthcare; the practical arrangements needed to achieve maximum benefit from research to date; preserving data quality and integrity; making use of analysis techniques to exploit opportunities offered by semantics technology and ‘big data’; and professional responsibilities for technologies in innovation, implementation and support of patients.


The workshop will consider the issues in terms of the law, ethics, and governance, and take further many ideas put forward in the new edited book eHealth: Legal, Ethical and Governance Challenges (George et al, 2013) as well as encouraging new insights and  eHealth agendas. Topics will focus on current practices as well as new challenges that may emerge when systems and technologies change.


  • (i)   to explore up-and-coming challenges for eHealth related to: patient involvement and patient responsibilities; data quality, integrity and analysis (semantics, big data); new service models (such as ‘cloud’); emerging technologies, practical issues when implementing and applying electronic health records, and setting professional standards.
  • (ii)    to identify  some of the upcoming advances in eHealth whether technological or organisational, and to analyse and assess their potential risks and challenges in the context of the law, ethics and governance.
  • (iii)  to work towards identifying a future set of research questions in eHealth fields as diverse as organisational processes and individual and institutional behaviours, and particularly on topics that are significant and where answering such questions might have a positive and constructive effect.

The workshop will feature presentations by keynote speakers, practitioners, academics and researchers . It will consist of a series of plenary sessions and panels, several of which will be handled in an interactive way. View the draft programme here: Programme 2013.

Speakers confirmed for the workshop include:

  • Frank CUNNINGHAM, Health and Well-being unit, European Commission, Brussels. Trends in EU-US dialogue/cooperative eHealth and work with other parts of the world
  • Malcolm FISK, Co-Director, Age Research Centre – Health Design and Technology Institute, Coventry University, UK. The Ethics of Telehealth Services (A code of practice).
  • Jasmine LEONCEConsultant Obstetrician, Lister Hospital, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, UK. The Challenges of Electronic Health Records: A Doctor's perspective
  • Deborah MASCALZONI, Researcher at the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB)  at Uppsala University, Sweden.   Electronic dynamic consent - patient-centric experiences
  • Gurmit SINGH, School of Education, Leeds University, UK. Electronic CPD (eCPD) governance: A practice theory view to improve impact
  • Peter SINGLETON, Director, Cambridge Health Informatics, Cambridge, UK. European Union proposed Data Protection Regulation and Health Data Re-use.
  • Anthony SOLOMONIDES, Director of Clinical Research Informatics Center for Clinical and Research Informatics (CCRI), Research Institute / NorthShore University HealthSystem, Illinois, USA.  Comparing eHealth in the UK and US - an overview
  • Rod TOOHER, Independent Consultant and former UK Policy Lead on eHealth, York, UK. Information governance for eHealth

Call for presentations
We would like to invite participants interested in giving a 15 min presentation to submit a one-page summary/position statement, giving an outline of their presentation and its relevance to the theme and objectives of the workshop.
Please email your submissions before Monday 8th April 2013 to: diane.whitehouse[at]thecastlegateconsultancy.com. 

Late submissions (up to 20th April) may be considered by the organising committee, subject to the contents of the programme.


The workshop is expected to run from midday on Thursday 25th April, 2013 to late afternoon on Friday 26th April, 2013. This timetable will permit people to travel while spending only one night away from home. A detailed programmed will be available closer to the workshop date.


  • Registration - 12 noon - Thursday 25th April 2013 (Town Hall, Committee Room 1). 
  • Thursday workshop starts  - 13:30 - Thursday 25th April 2013 (Town Hall, Committee Room 1).
  • Workshop Dinner -  20:00 - Thursday 25th April 2013 (Venue to be announced)

Day 2

  • Friday start - 9:30am (Town Hall, Committee Room 1).
  • Workshop ends - 16:30 - Friday 26th April 2013

For a more detailed programme see Programme 2013.

Please Confirm Attendance
Please confirm your attendance/participation at the workshop before Friday 20th April 2013, using the confirmation form

Hotels in Hendon

Click here for a list of suitable hotels in Hendon, close to Middlesex University. We suggest staying at Hendon Hall subject to your budget.

Workshop Organisers/Committee

Ms. Diane Whitehouse - eHealth Consultant (The Castlegate Consultancy), Chair IFIP WG9.2
Dr. Penny Duquenoy - Principal Lecturer, Middlesex University, Chair -  BCS ICT Ethics Specialist Group
Dr. Carlisle George - Principal Lecturer, Middlesex University, Barrister  



Middlesex University Hendon campus in north London is located ten minutes from the Northern Line (Hendon Central) and Thameslink rail line (Hendon Station), either of which takes you to Middlesex from central London in under 30 minutes. 

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