2014 Call for Papers


6th International Workshop on Intelligent Environments

Supporting Healthcare and Well-being (WISHWell’14)

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – 11th of November 2014

Background and Goals: The workshop will bring together researchers from both industry and academia from the various disciplines to contribute to the 5th year of the International Workshop on Intelligent Environments Supporting Healthcare and Well-Being. This year the workshop joins forces with the International Workshop “PervaSense – Situation recognition and medical data analysis in Pervasive Health environments” that is its fifth edition as well. Healthcare environments (within the hospital and the home) are extremely complex and challenging to manage from an IT and IS perspective, as they are required to cope with an assortment of patient conditions under various circumstances with a number of resource constraints. Pervasive healthcare technologies seek to respond to a variety of these pressures by integrating them within existing healthcare services. It is essential that intelligent pervasive healthcare solutions are developed and correctly integrated to assist health care professionals in delivering high levels of patient care. It is equally important that these pervasive solutions are used to empower patients and relatives for self-care and management of their health to provide seamless access for health care services.

Areas of interest: include, but are not limited to, the following:

Ambient assisted living
Mobile health monitoring
Health enabling technologies
Next generation telehealth/telecare
Systems to encourage healthy lifestyles
Case Studies
Wearable sensor systems
Health monitoring from the home and work
Support for independent living
Support for rehabilitation
Environments supporting carers
Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Data management architectures
Body area networks
Ambient Intelligence applied to health and social care


This event will build up on the topics discussed during the previous successful editions: in Barcelona during IE’09, Kuala Lumpur during IE’10, Nottingham during IE’11, and Guanajuato during IE’12, and on the previous editions of PervaSense during PervasiveHealth in London 2009, Munich 2010, Dublin 2011, and San Diego 2012.  The first unified event was a very succesful workshop co-located with AmI’13 in Dublin (Ireland).

Submission Details: Authors wishing to participate as speakers in this event should:

Publications: we are currently exploring possibilities with a well-known publisher to publish a book associated with this workshop.

Deadline for submission:

  • Paper submission: 24/09/2014
  • Notification: 1/10/2014
  • Paper final submission (with revisions): 10/10/2014

Attendance:The workshop is open to all members of the AmI community. If restrictions in the number of participants apply due to room size preference will be given to participants who have an accepted paper and the rest of the participants will be selected according to background and order of registration.

Invited Speakers: as in previous editions distinguished keynote speakers will be invited to the event.

  • GOOD NEWS!!   For this edition we are pleased to announce Dr. Reiner Wichert accepted to provide the keynote. More details to be provided soon through this page.

Prizes: the best two papers will be recognized during the event with a certificate and other rewards.

Organization: this event will be co-located with the 2014 edition of the European Conference on Ambient Intelligence.