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Video Archives VASS2012


Monday 3rd September 2012 





Prof. William Wong.  Welcome


Dr. Simon Attfield.  VASS at a Glance


Keynote Dr. Joe Kielman. 
Visual Analytics: Can We Extract Meaning from Babel or Silence?


Tutorial Prof. Dave Ebert & Dr. Ross Maciejewski.
From Foundations to Applications for Visual Analytics


Talk Dr. Margaret Varga.
A real application of Visual Analytics in Healthcare Associated Infections


Talk Mr. Jason R. Baron.
Using visual analytics in e-discovery and e-disclosure cases


Tuesday 4th September 2012 




Lecture Prof. William Wong.
Representation Design for Visual Analytics


Lecture Dr. Daniela Oelke.
Visual Document Analysis


Lecture Prof. Chris Huyck. Text Extraction


Lab Dr. Richard May & Mr. David Gillen. In-Spire Analysis


Wednesday 5th September 2012 




Lecture Dr. Kai Xu.  Network Visualisation


Lecture Prof. Jo Wood.  Handling Geography, Uncertainty and Bias in the VAST Challenges 2009-2011

Lecture Dr. Tinni Choudury, Dr. Chris Rooney, 
Dr. Rick Walker & Dr. Neesha Kodagoda.
Introduction to 'Sketching Designs for Visual Analytics problems'




Thursday 6th September 2012 


Lecture Prof. Brian Fisher.  
Visually-enabled distribution of cognition


Lab Prof. Chris Baber.
Intelligence Analysis and Sense-making: a practical exercise


Friday 7th September 2012 




Lecture Dr. Mark Shovman.
Perception and Comprehension in Visual Analytics


Lab Mr. David Burden & Dr. Darrell Smith.
Visual Analytics in a Virtual World


Talk Dr. Lisa Amini. Big and Fast Data in the City