An instance of Set where the element type is Element. This is the super-type of all set data types

asSeq():Seq(Element) Turns a set into a sequence.
asSet():Set(Element) Turns a set into a set.
collect(filter:Element):Set(Element)No Documentation Specified
contains(element:Element):Boolean Returns true if a set contains the element.
default():Set(Element) Returns the default value of a set: the empty set.
dot(name:String):Set(Element) Returns the result of iterating over a set and applying dot to the slot named name.
excluding(element:Element):Set(Element)No Documentation Specified
exists(pred:Element):Element Returns true if an element satisfying the predicate exists in a set.
flatten():Set(Element) Turns a set of sets into a set.
forAll(pred:Element):Element Returns true if all elements in the set satisfy the predicate.
get(name:String):ElementNo Documentation Specified
includes(element:Element):Boolean Returns true if a set includes element.
includesAll(c:Collection(Element)):Boolean Returns true if a set includes all elements from another collection.
including(element:Element):Set(Element)No Documentation Specified
intersection(set:Set(Element)):Set(Element) Returns the intersection of two sets.
isEmpty():Boolean Returns true if the set is empty.
isKindOf(type:Classifier):Boolean Returns true if all elements in a set are of the type.
iter(iterator:Element,value:Element):Element Iterates over the set.
lift():PerformableNo Documentation Specified
map(message:Element,args:Element):ElementNo Documentation Specified
max():Integer Find the element with the maximum value in the set.
mul(s:Seq(Element)):Set(Element) Generates a set containing all combinations of elements in the two sequences.
power():Set(Element) Returns the powerset of elements in a set, i.e. all possible subsets of a set including the empty set.
reject(pred:Element):Set(Element)No Documentation Specified
sel():ElementNo Documentation Specified
select(predicate:Element):Set(Element) Filters a set using a predicate.
size():Integer Returns the size of a set.
toString():String Produces a printed representation of a set.
union(set:Set(Element)):Set(Element) Returns the union of two sets.