An exception is raised when something goes wrong. An exception contains a message that reports what went wrong. An exception also contains a sequence of stack frames that defines the history of computation at the point the exception was raised. An exception may optionally contain information about where in the source file the error occurred. This is encoded as the lineCount.

Parents Object ,Element

Exception() No Documentation
Exception(message) No Documentation

backtraceSeq(Element)No Documentation Specified
charCountIntegerNo Documentation Specified
lineCountIntegerNo Documentation Specified
messageStringNo Documentation Specified
resourceNameStringNo Documentation Specified

display():Element Call this operation to display an exception to the user. If Mosaic is in full swing then the stack trace will be displayed as a tree. Otherwise the stack trace is printed in text.
printBacktrace(short:Boolean):ElementNo Documentation Specified
printBacktrace():Element Call this operation to print out the state of the XMF call stack at the point the exception was created assuming it called setBacktrace() at that point.
printBacktraceHeader(out:Element):ElementNo Documentation Specified
printBasicBacktrace():ElementNo Documentation Specified
printFrame(frame:Element):Element An exception stack frame contains information about the operation that was currently executing, the target of the call, the arguments and any locals. There also may be information about the original source file and the position of execution in that file.
setBacktrace():ElementNo Documentation Specified
stackFrames():Seq(StackFrame)No Documentation Specified
toString():StringNo Documentation Specified
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