DataType is a sub-class of Classifier that designates the non-object classifiers that are basic to the XMF system. An instance of DataType is a classifier for values (the instances of the data type). For example Boolean is an instance of DataType - it classifies the values 'true' and 'false'. For example Integer is an instance of DataType - it classifies the values 1, 2, etc.

Parents Classifier ,NameSpace ,IndexedContainer ,NamedElement ,DocumentedElement ,Container ,Contained ,Object ,Element


From Classifier: grammar, parents, operations, constraints, default, isFinal. From NameSpace: bindings, imports. From IndexedContainer: contents. From NamedElement: name. From DocumentedElement: documentation. From Contained: owner.

toHTML(root:String):ElementNo Documentation Specified
toHTMLDoc(fout:OutputChannel):ElementNo Documentation Specified
From Classifier: javaTypeName, grammar, addGrammar, add, target, shadowOperation, sendInstance, repopulate, removeParent, removeOperation, getOperation, classify, checkParents, availableParents, allParents, allOperations, allConstraints, addParent, addOperation, hasOperation, add, addConstraint, default, defaultParents, dependencies, getConstraint, getOperation, inheritsFrom, initialized, init, initConstraints, initOperations, initParents, invoke, mapType, new, new, remove, removeConstraint. From NameSpace: writeEcore, lift, allHTMLEntries, allHTMLPackages, toHTML, toHTMLDoc, resolveNameClash, remove, putElement, newName, names, nameChanged, initBindings, init, init, getInstantiableClasses, getContents, define, getElement, hasElement, add, addBinding, hasBinding, removeBinding, redefine. From IndexedContainer: removeContentDaemon, indices, initContents, index, init, contents, contentDaemons, addContentDaemon, add, add, remove. From NamedElement: href, toString, setName, repopulate, pathSeq, path, name, getNamedElement. From DocumentedElement: setDoc, doc, ensureDoc. From Container: untraceAll, traceAll, removeContentDaemon, remove, initContents, init, includes, deleteRecursive, contentsThat, contentsOf, contents, contentDaemons, checkConstraints, checkConstraints, allContentsThat, allContentsOf, allContents, addContentDaemon, add. From Contained: owner, deleteRecursive, allOwners, addTo, setOwner, removeFromOwner. From Object: slotMissing, slotMissing, setProperty, setHotLoad, setDaemonsActive, setDaemons, set, renameSlot, removeStructuralFeature, removeDaemonsWithTarget, removeDaemonsWithId, removeDaemonNamed, removeDaemon, machineInit, initSlots, init, hotLoaded, hotLoad, hasSlot, hasProperty, getProperty, get, hasStructuralFeature, getStructuralFeatureNames, hasDaemonWithTarget, hasDaemonWithIdAndTarget, hasDaemonWithId, hasDaemonNamed, fire, destroyDaemon, daemonWithIdAndTarget, daemonWithId, daemonNamed, daemonsActive, daemons, allDaemonsWithTarget, allDaemonsWithId, compositeValues, allCompositeValuesAndSelf, allCompositeValues, addStructuralFeature, addPersistentDaemon, addMultiDaemon, addDaemon. From Element: pprint, pprint, pprint, writeXMLFile, writeXMLFile, writeXML, lift, toSnapshot, toSnapshot, allHTMLEntries, allHTMLPackages, toHTML, writeHTML, writeHTML, writeHTMLAllEntries, writeHTMLAllPackages, writeHTMLIndex, writeHTMLOverview, yield, toString, systemId, setOf, send, save2, save, removeDaemon, removeDaemon, println, print, oclIsKindOf, oclIsTypeOf, noOperationFound, isTypeOf, isReallyKindOf, init, init, of, isKindOf, addTo, checkConstraints, copy, deleteRecursive, die, edit, equals, error, ferror, hashCode.