David Turner

I worked at Middlesex University as a Professor in the Department of Computer Science, from 2001 to 2006. giving my inaugural lecture in 2003. I am now an emeritus professor at Middlesex University.

I am also an emeritus professor at the University of Kent.

The Miranda homepage is here: http://miranda.org.uk. Miranda is a non-strict functional programming language which I designed some years ago.

Selected Publications

Preprints of papers in downloadable form

Church's Thesis and Functional Programming, in ed. A. Olszewski, Church's Thesis after 70 years, pp 518-544, Ontos Verlag, Berlin 2006. PDF [222K] This is a survey and a tribute to Church who invented the lambda calculus.

Total Functional Programming, Journal of Universal Computer Science, 10(7):751--768, July 2004. PDF [173K] An invited lecture to 8th Brazilian Symposium of Programming Languages, SBLP04, Rio de Janeiro, May 2004.

Elementary Strong Functional Programming, In R.Plasmeijer, P.Hartel, eds, First International Symposium on Functional Programming Languages in Education, Nijmegen, NL, December 1995. LNCS 1022:1-13, Springer, 1996. PDF [154K] An earlier version of the paper above. See also ESFP project at Kent (1996-9).

(more to be added...)

SASL Language Manual 1976, last revised 1983. Historically significant as 1976 SASL was a major influence on later languages including Miranda and Haskell. PDF [186K] This was created from an old troff source using groff --- it's quite readable but some pagebreaks are in funny places. If anyone would like to volunteer to convert the troff to LaTex that would be most welcome (it is not necessary to be familiar with troff macros as the pdf shows the intended layout).