Bob Fields' Papers on HCI and CSCW

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A Cognitive Framework for the Specifications of a Laparoscopic Surgery Simulator. S. Rehman, P. Passmore and B. Fields. Poster presented at HCI'04.

Development of a Cognitive Task Analysis Protocol for Laparoscopic Surgery S. Rehman, P. Passmore, B. Fields. Proceedings, ECCE 12, 2004.

Conceptualising User Hedonic Experience. H. Stelmaszewska, B. Fields and A. Blandford. Proceedings, ECCE 12, 2004.

Why are videogames engaging? Determining what we mean by ‘fun’ with a Grounded Theory approach. J. Salisbury and B. Fields. Proceedings, ECCE 12, 2004.


Usability Evaluation of Digital Libraries. A. Blandford, B. Fields and S. Keith. Tutorial presented at ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, 2003 and at ECDL, the Eoropean Conference on Digital Libraries, 2003.

Representing collaborative work in a critical domain. B. Fields and P. Amaldi. Proceedings HCP2003: Human Centred Processes - Distributed decision making and man-machine cooperation.



THEA – A Reference Guide. Steven Pocock, Bob Fields, Michael Harrison, Peter Wright. University of York Computer Science Technical Report 336, 2001.

Analysis of Erroniour Actions in the Design of Critical Systems. R. Fields. DPhil thesis. University of York, 2001.

Dynamic Digital Libraries For Children. Proceedings of JCDL 2001, The First ACM+IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries


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Analysing Human-Computer Interaction As Distributed Cognition: The Resources Model (Draft PDF version)  P. Wright, R. Fields, M. Harrison.  Human Computer Interaction journal 51(1):1-41, 2000.

Editorial: Understanding work and Designing Artefacts. R. Fields and P. Wright. Int. J of Human-Computer Studies 53:1-4, 2000.


A Case Study in the Specification and Analysis of Design Alternatives for a User Interface (David Duke, Bob Fields and Michael D. Harrison). Formal Aspects of Computing journal 11:107-131 (1999). Draft PDF version.

A method for the comparison of design options for allocating communication media in a cooperative and  safety-critical context.  R. Fields, F. Paternò, C. Santoro, S. Tahmassebi ACM Transactions in Computer-Human Interaction  6(4), 1999.

Air traffic control as distributed joint activity: Using Clark's theory of language to understand collaborative working in ATC, C. Fairburn, P. Wright & R. Fields, Proceedings, European Conference on Cognitive Science, Siena, 27th-30th October 1999.  See Chris Fairburn's Work Page.

Supporting interaction strategies through the externalisation of strategy concepts.  A. Cockayne, P. Wright, B. Fields. Proceedings of Interact’99.


Air traffic control as a distributed cognitive system: a study of external representation. R.E. Fields, P.C. Wright, P. Marti, M. Palmonari. ECCE-9, 1998.

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Error tolerance in collaborative systems  B. Fields. Mefisto project working document, January, 1998.

Inference and information resources: a design case study R. Fields, N. Merriam. Proceedings  DSVIS'98.


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Supporting concepts of operator control in the design of functionally distributed systems. M.D. Harrison, R.E. Fields and P.C. Wright. Proceedings of ALLFN'97, Galway, October 1997.

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Exploring Design Options Rationally Chris Bramwell, Bob Fields and Michael Harrison. DSV-IS'95: 2nd Eurographics Workshop on the Design Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems. Toulouse, June, 1995.

Time, Tasks and Errors Bob Fields, Peter Wright and Michael Harrison. Workshop on On Time And User Interface Design. Thursday 6th July 1995, Glasgow. (Appeared in SIGCHI Bulletin Vol.28 No.2, April 1996). There's also a Postscript version

Formal Specification and Evaluation of Interactive Systems. Bob Fields, Peter Wright and Michael Harrison. Position paper for CHI'95 Workshop on Formal Specification of Interactive Systems.

Reasoning About Communication Requirements Using a Spreadsheet Bob Fields, Peter Wright and Michael Harrison Notes for a talk at a workshop on Interfacing People: Effective Support for Work Groups, London, September 1995.

From Environment Descriptions to Agent-Based Specifications: an Aircraft Warnings Case Study. Bob Fields, Peter Wright and Michael Harrison. Unpublished.


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Deriving Human-Error Tolerance Requirements from Tasks Peter Wright, Bob Fields and Michael Harrison. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Requirements Engineering, Colorado, 1994. Copyright IEEE, 1994.

Applying Formal Methods for Human Error Tolerant Design Bob Fields, Michael Harrison and Peter Wright. Proceedings, Workshop on Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction at ICSE'94, Sorrento, 1994 LNCS 896. Copyright Springer-Verlag, 1995.

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A VDM case study in mural, Bob Fields and Morten Elvang-Gøransson. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 18(4): 279-295. 1992.

A guide to reading VDM specifications B. Fields, Univ. of Manchester Tech. Rept. UMCS-92-12-4. 1992.

Improving a Software Development Environment Using Object-Oriented Technology. M.A. Firth, M.H. O'Docherty, R.E. Fields, S.K. Bechhofer and T.C. Nash. In B. Meyer (ed) Proceedings TOOLS USA'92, Santa Barbara.

An Abstract Syntax for the C Language, B. Fields, Journal of C Language Translation 4(1):42-52, Sept 1992 

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