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Anthony White

Professor White was Dean of School of Engineering Systems at Middlesex University and has now moved to the School of Computing Science as Professor of Systems Engineering. He graduated from Queen Mary College, London University in Aeronautical Engineering and later completed a PhD in the same subject, as well as a PhD in Mechatronics. He also holds MSc degrees in Astrophysics and Geophysics.

After working as a research engineer for Hawker Siddeley Dynamics he returned to academia to teach Fluid Mechanics. Since that time his research has moved to Mechatronics, especially Control Engineering, Robotics and Simulation, more recently to using Neural Nets and Fuzzy control of management and manufacturing problems. Professor White has considerable experience of Project Management and Quality Systems.

Current research:

  • 3 PhD Research Students:- Fuzzy Inventory Analysis; Strategic Management; Open System
  • World Class Manufacturing; Student from India has just completed an EngD, with the prospect of an important book in 6 months
  • Management of Complex Systems, development of a Systems Dynamics model for predicting a Systems Failure
  • Stability of large systems using complexity theory (pdf version)
  • Measurement of software programmer development behaviour for a systems failure model.