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Kick­ start your career with a work experience placement and beat some of the competition to the best jobs!


What is a placement?

A placement is a valuable opportunity for students to integrate relevant practical work with academic study. It prepares you for the real world. You apply for placements as you would for a real job.

Who can do a placement?

You must be registered for a full time university degree programme in the School of Arts and Education.

Do I need to have passed all my modules before I go on placement?

It is a requirement of going on placement that you have completed the first two years of study successfully.

What is the first step to going on placement?

You will need to have passed your 2nd year and be registered on UniHub as taking the relevant placement modules. You must register electronically with the placement administration via:

Help with CVs, covering letters, interview skills, job search skills and how to approach the world of work is available with the support of the Careers Office.

Will the placement staff find a job for me?

No. It is the responsibility of the student to find their placement but placement staff will support your searches.

Do the placement staff need to be told if I get a placement?

Yes. The School must approve your placement as suitable for inclusion on your degree programme and it is essential that all relevant Health and Safety paperwork is completed prior to the start of any placement.

How long is a placement?

You must be on placement for a minimum of a number of weeks depending on your programme. Normally your placement will last for one calendar year. The only restriction imposed by the School is that you must be back at University in time for your final year of study.

Can I complete my placement with more than one employer?

Normally, your placement will be completed with one employer but in exceptional circumstances we will allow more than one.

Do I get credits for going on placement?

Yes, upon successful completion of the placement module you will be awarded credits, which will be recognised on your transcript. All students who undertake a placement will be on what is commonly called a ‘Thick Sandwich’ course mode.

Will I be paid?

You will be employed under a contract of employment that will state the terms of your employment. However, we advise that you do not take a position that does not offer a reasonable salary.

Will I pay tax and national insurance?

Everyone who works full time legally in a paid placement must pay tax and national insurance. Your employer is legally obliged to give you a pay advice every month telling you how much tax and NI has been deducted.

Do I have to pay fees for my placement?

Yes, the fee, like all university fees, changes year on year. This is paid by all placement students whether overseas or EU and is the same no matter where you do your placement

Will I need to attend lectures whilst on placement?

No, your placement is carried out entirely with the employer.

Do I need to do any academic work whilst on placement?

Yes, there are academic requirements. Your placement will be assessed so you will have to produce a report which must address the learning objectives which will be set by your visiting tutor in consultation with you and your employer.

What support will I receive from the school whilst on placement?

You will be given support from a visiting tutor. This is usually a member of the School academic staff but on occasions other arrangements will be made.

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